Toyota Model Comparisons


With the Avalon, you get luxurious features without a luxury car price tag, along with a well-controlled ride, a refined interior and a sleek and attractive design.

2016 Avalon vs 2016 Maxima
2016 Avalon vs 2016 Cadenza
2015 Avalon vs 2015 MKZ
2015 Avalon vs 2015 Maxima


As a long-time popular mid-size sedan, the Camry boasts exceptional reliability, great tech features, impressive fuel economy and a comfortable and refined cabin.

2016 Camry vs 2016 Corolla
2016 Camry vs 2016 Fusion
2016 Camry vs 2016 Accord
2016 Camry vs 2016 Optima
2015 Camry vs 2015 Accord
2015 Camry vs 2015 Altima
2015 Camry vs 2015 Elantra


With a legendary reputation for reliability and durability, the Corolla is an affordable small sedan with comfortable ride, easy handling, and one of the most spacious interiors in its class.

2016 Camry vs 2016 Corolla
2016 Corolla vs 2016 Civic
2016 Corolla vs 2016 Forte
2015 Corolla vs 2015 Focus
2015 Corolla vs 2015 Civic
2015 Corolla vs 2015 Jetta


Offering true SUV capability with incredible off-road prowess, the 4Runner is a joy to drive, possesses a well-designed interior and has fantastic performance, whether on pavement or off the beaten path.

2016 4Runner vs 2016 Grand Cherokee
2016 4Runner vs 2016 Xterra

2016 4Runner vs 2016 HR-V
2015 4Runner vs 2015 Rogue


The Highlander is a top choice in the three-row family crossover class, and offers much versatility, solid connectivity features, robust and efficient engine options and an advanced all-wheel drive system.

2016 Highlander vs 2016 Explorer
2016 Highlander vs 2016 Pathfinder
2016 Highlander vs 2016 Sorento
2015 Highlander vs 2015 Pilot

Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is a true off-roader, and combines exceptional luxury and incredible performance, with the ability to be refined on the road or tackle the tough terrains with ease.

2016 Land Cruiser vs 2016 LX 570
2016 Land Cruiser vs 2016 Range Rover vs 2016 Escalade
2015 Land Cruiser vs 2015 LX 570


While other hybrid competitors are new to the hybrid market, the iconic Prius boasts years of time-tested performance of its innovative Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain to give it exceptional fuel efficiency.

2016 Prius vs 2016 Prius v
2015 Prius vs 2015 Prius c
2015 Prius vs 2015 Civic Hybrid
2015 Prius vs 2015 C-Max

Prius c

The Prius c is a more compact version of the standard Prius, and offers better fuel-efficiency, a more nimble and easy-to-park size, along with a more affordable price tag

2015 Prius vs 2015 Prius c
2015 Prius c vs 2015 C-Max Hybrid

Prius v

Families love the spaciousness and versatility of the Prius v wagon, which brings the same outstanding fuel economy of the standard Prius, but in a more family-friendly shape.

2016 Prius v vs 2016 Leaf
2016 Prius vs 2016 Prius v
2015 Prius v vs 2015 C-Max


The RAV is a very practical crossover with confident handling, along with a beautiful design, versatility and many great standard tech features.

2016 RAV4 vs 2016 Escape
2016 RAV4 vs 2016 HR-V
2016 RAV4 vs 2016 RAV Hybrid
2016 RAV4 vs 2016 Rogue
2015 RAV4 vs 2015 CX-5
2015 RAV4 vs 2015 CR-V


The Sienna will change what you think of a minivan, for it possesses a stylish design, great multi-media features, versatile options, and unlike many its minivan competitors, offers an all-wheel drive option.

2016 Sienna vs 2016 Odyssey
2016 Sienna vs 2016 Sedona
2015 Sienna vs 2015 Odyssey
2015 Sienna vs 2015 Sedona


With plenty of room for the entire family, a comfortable ride and impressive towing power, the Sequoia is an excellent choice among traditional full-size SUVs.

2016 Sequoia vs 2016 Pathfinder
2015 Sequoia vs 2015 Tahoe


As a light and maneuverable mid-size truck, the Tacoma is a great alternative to larger pickups, and with many off-road performance-enhancing features, can traverse the difficult terrains like a pro.

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Tundra
2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Colorado
2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Frontier
2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Canyon


The Tundra is a highly capable full-size pickup truck, and offers strong V8 powertrains, large cab options and is one of the few in its class that is serious about off-road performance.

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Tundra
2016 Tundra vs 2016 Ram 1500
2016 Tundra vs 2016 Titan
2016 Tundra vs 2016 F-150
2015 Tundra vs 2015 F-150
2015 Tundra vs 2015 Sierra


The Venza is a "wagon-like" crossover and possess excellent handling, a stylish design, a spacious and versatile interior and offers good gas mileage for the crossover class.

2015 Venza vs 2015 Crosstour


Consumers looking for an affordable compact car will enjoy the Yaris and its agreeable handling, generous standard equipment, well-built design and user-friendly tech interface.

2015 Yaris vs 2015 Fit