2015 Toyota Venza Tuscaloosa AL


Towing Capacity

When equipped with the available V6 engine, the Venza can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

Engine Options

With both a four- and six-cylinder option, the Venza can achieve both efficiency and power.


You and your passengers are always protected in the Venza, which comes standard with a wide variety of safety features.


As it's slightly larger than a sedan, the Venza can fit up to five full-sized passengers comfortably.

Standard Features

The Venza has a lot of features that help to get you where your going, and to make the journey enjoyable.

Fuel Economy

With the four-cylinder engine under the hood, the Venza can go up to 26 miles on the highway.

The One-Of-A-Kind 2015 Toyota Venza

Every vehicle reaches for the stars, but there are only a select few with the ability to actually reach out and grab hold of one. The Toyota Venza is one of them. The Venza is the true definition of a crossover, as it sits low and features fuel economy ratings typically only achieved by sedans, but it has a surprisingly spacious and versatile cabin that makes it feel more like a larger SUV at times.

Some may say that the Venza is a vehicle with an identity crisis, but that is simply not the case. The Venza is ahead of its time, and although there are no vehicles quite like it, that is sure to change as more automakers come to understand the genius behind its design. If you are looking to break from the mold and want to experience the one-of-a-kind Venza for yourself, you'll be sure to appreciate that here at Tuscaloosa Toyota, we have a few models of the 2015 Toyota Venza in Tuscaloosa AL.

Although it doesn't look big from the outside, the design of the Venza allows it to maximize space. It all comes thanks to the hatchback-like body that doesn't allow curves to cut into the cabin. When you need to seat and store, there is plenty of space for both, but there is no arguing that the Venza really shines when the split-folding second-row seatback is completely collapsed. With the seatback folded flat, the Venza is able to accommodate up to 70.2 cubic feet of cargo. It's a capacity typically only achieved by some of the larger, more expensive SUVs on the market.

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Get the Toyota Venza in Tuscaloosa AL

Another one of the benefits of the Toyota Venza is that it comes loaded with all of the features that you would expect from a stylish crossover. It comes with dual-zone automatic climate control to help keep you comfortable on those long drives, and an eight-way power driver's seat that ensures that you will be able to stay behind the wheel for longer. One nighttime rolls around and the road starts to get dark, you'll be sure to find that the automatic high beams are extremely convenient. When you pull off for the night, parking assist sonar helps you to dock your car. The Venza really has it all.

There is no arguing that the superior space and experience-enhancing features of the Venza are appealing, but one of the most attractive capabilities of the crossover is its safety. Seeing as it's a bit larger than a sedan, it's able to hold its own better in the event of an accident. To keep passengers protected, it comes outfitted with seven standard, cabin-filling airbags, as well as a range of features that help to keep the airbags from deploying, such as blind spot monitors and a Star Safety System.

If the Toyota Venza has piqued your curiosity, we sincerely hope that you take the next step and get in touch with us here at Tuscaloosa Toyota. We have plenty of Venza models in stock and are more than happy to share. Stop by and check out the 2015 Toyota Venza so that you can lay your eyes on the massive cargo capacity that we mentioned and play around with its endless features for yourself. Also, be sure to check out our no-cost non-factory Lifetime Warranty, which extends the standard Powertrain Warranty for any new Toyota model.

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