2015 Toyota Sequoia Tuscaloosa AL


Towing Capacity

Although it has plenty of space inside, the Sequoia can also tow as much as 7,400 pounds with ease.

Engine Options

Exclusively available with a V8 engine, generating power is never an issue for the Toyota Sequoia.


Much like every other Toyota offering, the Sequoia offers a variety of advanced safety features.


Space for eight and a great deal of cargo make the Sequoia ideal for families in need of more elbow room.

Standard Features

Along with the price of the Sequoia comes a range of features that help to increase the appeal of the SUV.

Fuel Economy

With a V8 engine, efficiency is not a main focus of the Sequoia, but it's still surprisingly conservative.

The Spacious 2015 Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is not like anything that you are familiar with. We can guarantee that. The simple reason is that the Sequoia is anything but ordinary. It's a unique SUV that delivers a range of different abilities, such as performance, style and space. With such a broad range of specified abilities, the 2015 Toyota Sequoia is ideal for families, but it's also great for those who just want something different.

At Tuscaloosa Toyota, the 2015 Toyota Sequoia is one of our more popular SUVs, and although the reason that it's so well-liked has a lot to do with the capabilities that we just mentioned, there are a few other reasons to love the extraordinary SUV. Let's take a closer look at what the 2015 Toyota Sequoia in Tuscaloosa AL can do for you.

The Sequoia is classified as a full-size sport utility vehicle, and as you would expect, it doesn't lack in the space department. Inside, the cabin is able to accommodate up to eight full-sized passengers with ease, but what makes it even more appealing is that it can also fit as much as 120 cubic feet of cargo behind the first row of seats. It's a cargo capacity typically only achieved by minivans. As if that wasn't enough, the Sequoia is able to do a lot with the space. It's extremely versatile with split-folding seats, a roof rack, and a power-activated liftgate that gives you quick and easy access to the cargo hold.

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Get the Toyota Sequoia in Tuscaloosa AL

When all seats are at capacity, there is still a great deal of cargo space in the Sequoia, but when that's not enough, or when you need to bring larger items along for the ride, you will be sure to appreciate that the SUV is able to tow as well. The 381-horsepower 5.7-liter V8 engine found beneath the hood of the Sequoia assists it in towing as much as 7,400 pounds. Plus, as features such as a towing and hauling mode, as well as a trailer-sway control system are made available, you can tow safely.

Not surprisingly, the Sequoia does not draw the safety line there. It also comes loaded with a few other advanced safety features that help to keep you and your most precious cargo protected in more normal driving situations. It offers up a blind spot monitor, tire pressure monitoring system, daytime running lights, an advanced airbag system and the highly sought-after Star Safety System, which has a number of systems included in it, such as stability and traction control and anti-lock brakes.

We touched on quite a few different features of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia, but we've really only just scratched the surface. To fully experience the Sequoia and all that it's capable of, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Tuscaloosa Toyota. You can also just skip ahead and schedule a test drive by filling out the form that we have provided above. Just let us know that you're interested, and we will get you setup with a time to stop by. Also, be sure to check out our no-cost non-factory Lifetime Warranty, which extends the standard Powertrain Warranty for any new Toyota model. We look forward to hearing from you.

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