New 2016 Toyota Tundra Trucks for Sale in Tuscaloosa, AL, at Tuscaloosa Toyota

New 2016 Toyota Tundra Trucks for Sale at Tuscaloosa Toyota in Tuscaloosa, AL

Browse our Entire Selection of New 2016 Toyota Tundra Pickup Trucks in Tuscaloosa, AL, at Tuscaloosa Toyota

When it comes to finding the right truck for your needs, it is important to distinguish the imitators from the real deal. What we mean is a suitable truck should do more than just look the part. It should have outstanding and versatile performance capabilities that enable drivers to traverse all different types of terrain, haul heavy loads of cargo, and tow even the most intimidating sized trailers. A truck should also have many different trim levels available so that drivers who want a sporty and modern look or who want a classic and work-appropriate look can get exactly what they desire. Based on these criteria, the new 2016 Toyota Tundra is the real deal, and it is also available today at Tuscaloosa Toyota in Tuscaloosa, AL. In fact, our new Toyota vehicle inventory includes a full lineup of new 2016 Toyota Tundra truck models for sale in Tuscaloosa. To find the right 2016 Toyota Tundra pickup truck for your driving needs, visit Tuscaloosa Toyota today!!

2016 Toyota Tundra Exterior Front View near Ocean

Performance Capabilities

The heart-and-soul of the performance capabilities of the 2016 Toyota Tundra pickup truck is its engine. Tuscaloosa drivers can outfit their 2016 Toyota Tundra with one of three engine choices. There is the mighty 5.7-liter Aluminum i-FORCE V8 DOHC 32-valve engine with dual independent variable valve timing, which produces an impressive 381 horsepower and 401 foot-pounds of torque. There is the 4.6-liter Aluminum i-FORCE V8 engine, which generates 310 horsepower and 327 foot-pounds of torque. Finally, there is the 5.7-liter Aluminum i-Force V8 engine with E85 Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV)* technology. To determine which of the three available engines for the 2016 Toyota Tundra truck is the right choice for your particular needs, you can come to Tuscaloosa Toyota and speak with our knowledgeable sales staff.

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2016 Toyota Tundra Exterior Front, Side, and Rear View and Models Lineup near Ocean

Available Trim Levels

Drivers can choose between six available 2016 Toyota Tundra trim levels. The base trim level is the 2016 Toyota Tundra SR, but there is nothing basic about this truck. Not only does it have a rear-vision camera** safety feature and daytime-running lights, but it also features a clean exterior design that will appeal to classic truck lovers. The 2016 Toyota Tundra SR5 trim level, on the other hand, offers a more modern look thanks to its chrome grille and bumpers as well as its available 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

For a supremely contemporary appearance, however, drivers can choose the 2016 Toyota Tundra Limited, which features bold 20-inch wheels with black accents. Truck lovers who also appreciate luxury will like the 2016 Toyota Tundra Platinum trim level’s interior heated front seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel. Meanwhile, truck lovers who appreciate the classic look of the 2016 Toyota Tundra SR but want a greater range of features can choose the 2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition, which has western-themed styling, 20-inch chrome wheels, and a big, bad, and bold chrome front bumper. Lastly, the ultimate trim level for high-performance enthusiasts is the 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, which has high-performance shocks, a skid plate, and a dual exhaust system.

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